15 Dec

5 Things You Need to Do NOW to Prevent Tooth Loss in the Future

You can’t expect to have strong, healthy, white teeth your entire life if you ignore oral hygiene and warning signs of decay and disease. Unless you want to find yourself facing the prospect of extractions and fake teeth in the future, make it your goal in 2019 to follow these five health mouth tips.

Brush and Floss Twice a Day

It’s easy to shrug off brushing when you’re tired or in a rush, but it can’t be overlooked. Brushing and flossing are your first lines of defense against dangerous tooth decay. Remember to place your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to your gums, move the brush back and forth in short strokes, and brush all inner and outer surfaces. Since brushing alone cannot reach the plaque between your teeth, be sure to floss each day as well.

See Your Dentist Regularly

You should visit your dentist every six months, like clockwork. Only your dentist can give your teeth the deep cleaning they need periodically. In addition, since your dentist can see into your mouth in a way you never can, she will be able to identify potential problems and help you resolve them before they threaten your overall health and wellness.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

Just like soda, juice, and coffee can threaten the health and appearance of your teeth, snacks like carrots, apples, and almonds can actually enhance the health of your teeth. Try to create sustainable eating habits that involve eating nutrient-dense, teeth-friendly foods and beverages.

Stop Ignoring Your Health Problems

Did you know that diabetes can actually cause oral health problems? Scientists continue to uncover links between physical and oral health issues, so that gives you one more reason to see the doctor when you become concerned that something is wrong with your body. If you ignore your health problems, you put your dental health and entire life at risk.

Don’t hesitate to seek oral health care to address any concerns with your teeth or gums. At Obrochta Center for Dental Health, Dr. Obrochta offers the comprehensive treatments and care you need to revitalize your mouth and shield yourself from tooth loss. Call (727) 685-3752 today to schedule an appointment and learn more.

Dr. Obrochta