19 May

A Royal Treat for Damaged Teeth: Having a Crown Fitted

crownIf you’ve got a tooth that is so damaged that a filling won’t be able to solve the problem, your dentist may recommend that you have a crown fitted. There’s a reason why it is called a crown, and it’s nothing to do with royalty. A crown is actually worn like a cap over the damaged tooth; and when it’s in place, it’s virtually impossible to tell that it’s not one of your own natural teeth.

Nervous About Having a Crown Fitted?

Many people are anxious about any form of dental procedure. However, don’t worry; having a crown fitted is relatively painless, and will really help to improve your dental health.

There may be a number of reasons why you might need a crown. Sometimes, a tooth can become broken if you injure yourself. Another common reason is that your tooth has become decayed, and can no longer support a filling. However, whatever reason you need a crown for, it’s important to remember that having one will help you to eat more comfortably again, and will also improve the appearance of your teeth.

What Happens During the Fitting?

Before you have your crown fitted, you’ll have to have a mold taken of the existing tooth. This will help your dentist to create the right shape of crown to sit comfortably over the top. It will also need to be shaped to ensure that your bite action is not impeded.

In this initial visit, you’ll also have your tooth shaped to accommodate the crown. Afterwards, a temporary crown will be fitted to protect the tooth whilst your permanent crown is being created.

Your second visit will be when your crown is fitted. This is a simple process, as it is held to the tooth with dental cement. You can expect your crown to last for many years.

What to do if You Need a Crown Fitted

If you’re worried about one of your teeth and suspect that you might need a crown fitted, arrange an appointment with Dr Obrochta and his team by calling 727-321-4464.

Dr. Obrochta