10 Jan

Advantages of a Crown Restoration vs. an Extraction

Do you have a severely broken, decayed, or infected tooth? If so, the tooth pain may be severe enough for you to consider drastic measures. Often, people have teeth extracted when they think their tooth is too far gone. However, in many instances your tooth can be saved and kept intact for 10-15 more years.

What is a crown?

A crown is a porcelain covering custom fit to your tooth’s shape to give it the appearance of a whole tooth while also protecting the damaged tooth from further breakage. The crown is a more permanent solution than simple fillings, and it is able to be done even if up to two-thirds of your tooth is missing or broken off. 

Why spend money on a crown for a tooth that will eventually be lost anyway?

True, a crown doesn’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your tooth! If you take good care of it and are preventative in your dental care(regular cleanings, radiographs, and flossing), you will get the longest life out of it. Crowns will wear out if they are made of metal and you grind through the thickness. Crowns can also get a cavity under them, by the gumline, if not cleaned regularly. However, the opportunity to keep your tooth for 10-15 more years gives you quite a bit of time to make some decisions about your future dental care. Dental care is progressing and procedures are becoming more streamlined and thus more affordable. Once the crown wears out, it can be redone. In instances where the cavity under the crown is so large, the tooth may not be able to be saved. 

When an extraction is appropriate?

There are some instances where people don’t want to pay for a crown and have to get an extraction instead. An extraction can be a fifth of the cost of a crown.  If the tooth is diseased, severely broken, or infected to the point that it is endangering the teeth and gums around, that problem tooth should be extracted.  At that time of extraction, a bone graft or implant can be placed in that tooth site. The best way to prevent losing teeth is to regularly go to the dentist. Scheduled cleanings and exams allow the dentist to catch cavities early and to conservatively treat them and to avoid extractions.

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