05 May

Avoiding Cavities: The Worst Foods for Your Teeth

candyWe’re all familiar with the old saying ‘you are what you eat’. However, most of the time this is related to our waistlines; and most people forget that it applies just as much to your teeth!

Certain foods are incredibly damaging for your teeth; and if you eat them in large amounts, they can cause cavities and tooth decay. Here’s some of the main foods to be wary of when eating.

The Worst Foods for Your Teeth

  1. Citrus fruits. People are often surprised to learn that citrus fruits are so bad for the teeth. After all, they’re really good for the rest of your body, and are jammed full of vitamin C, so surely they should be good for your dental health too, right? Sadly, this isn’t the case. Most citrus fruits are highly acidic and cause tooth erosion.
  1. Pickled foods. If you cannot resist a pickled gherkin or two, just remember, they aren’t great for your teeth! Foods are typically pickled in vinegar, and guess what? That’s high in acid, which causes tooth decay. There’s nothing wrong with having the odd pickled food, but make sure you clean your teeth well afterwards.
  1. Diet sodas. Most people believe that if they drink diet sodas instead of full fat, their teeth won’t be affected. However, this isn’t the case. Diet sodas may not have the damaging sugar content, but they contain citric and phosphoric acid, which both erode tooth enamel.
  1. If you spill coffee down your top, it’s likely that it will stain. Unfortunately, it also has the same effect on your teeth. In fact, one study found that coffee stains teeth more severely than tobacco.
  1. Often seen as a healthy snack, crackers are refined carbohydrates, which break down into tooth-eroding sugar. Worse still, when you eat them, you chew them into a paste, which easily gets lodged in between your teeth.

Are Your Teeth Healthy?

The best way to ascertain if your teeth are in good condition is to get them checked over by a qualified dentist. To arrange your

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