20 May

The Best Ways to Overcome Your Anxiety at the Dentist

If you are overwhelmed with anxiety at the mere thought of visiting the dentist, you definitely are not alone. Dental anxiety is a very common problem that leads far too many people to live with infection, pain, and unsightly teeth for years rather than visiting a dentist to seek help. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 15 percent of Americans avoid seeing the dentist due to anxiety and fear, which equates to about 40 million people! Given that oral health directly impacts general physical, emotional, and social health, it is a dangerous pattern to avoid the dentist.

This is why Dr. Obrochta and his team at Obrochta Center for Dental Health work so hard to help patients feel comfortable when they arrive for an appointment. If you’re not sure how to help yourself minimize your anxiety as well, these tips will lead you in the right direction.

Start At Obrochta Center for Dental Health

When you suffer from dental anxiety, it is essential that you visit a dentist who truly cares about your emotions and will go above and beyond to meet your needs. At Obrochta Center for Dental Health, you will be treated like a celebrity guest from the moment you walk in. You’ll enjoy a warm cup of tea, massage chair, neck pillow, calming garden view, cozy blanket, and even back support pillows, headphones, and a fuzzy teddy bear if you prefer! The staff at Obrochta Center for Dental Health will go out of their way to put your mind at ease.

Seek Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry uses nitrous sedation, also known a laughing gas, to provide truly painless and stress-free dental services. This method allows you stay asleep the entire time you are in the dentist’s chair, so Dr. Obrochta can work his magic on your oral health without you feeling any sense of anxiety or fear. This is the best method for patients who have severe dental anxiety, even for a simple tooth cleaning.

Don’t let another day pass as you neglect your dental health out of fear. Call (727) 321-4464 to make your first appointment at Obrochta Center for Dental Health. You’ll soon discover that going to the dentist has many benefits, but none of the drawbacks you expected!

Dr. Obrochta