20 Feb

Contemplating Dentures? Here’s What You Should Know

Natural teeth play many different vital roles in the mouth, from helping you eat and talk to keeping your jaw bones strong and structured. It’s easy to take for granted just how much you rely upon your teeth until they are no longer there. If you have lost all of your natural teeth from tooth decay, injury, or disease, you don’t need to live with a toothless mouth. Dentures provide a simple solution that allows you to regain full function of your teeth and feel more confident about your mouth and your smile once again. Read More

10 Feb

Are Your Teeth Trying to Send You a Message?

Dental insurance is provided separately from basic health insurance for most Americans, which has led to a common misconception that caring for oral health is a responsibility totally isolated from general health and wellness. This concept couldn’t be further from the truth, and in fact scientific research is revealing more than ever before that a person’s oral health is directly correlated to the body’s health. Untreated oral problems ranging from minor to major can cause intense and lasting problems in the body, so prevention and timely dental attention are key. Read More

20 Jan

Could You Benefit from a Snap-On Smile?

Surveys show that the majority of Americans are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth in some capacity. Whether it’s crooked teeth, discoloration, gaps or anything else, far too many people don’t feel comfortable flaunting their best smile in social situations. It is this problem that inspired the development of the Snap-On Smile, a patented and painless way to get a smile makeover without spending thousands of dollars. If you’re not totally happy with your own teeth, the Snap-On Smile might just be your solution. Read More

10 Dec

Which Facial Rejuvenation is Right for You?

botoxAge isn’t always kind, especially to the skin on the face. As you look in the mirror and see wrinkles, folds, and sagging that were never there before, you are probably struck with the desire to wave a magic wand and take away those signs of aging. Well, you’re in luck, because dermal fillers like Radiesse and neuromodulators like Botox now make it possible to safely and effectively reverse those pesky signs of aging from your skin. One of the options below will work perfectly for your needs. Read More

20 Oct

Matching Your Skin with the Best Injectable

botox-manIf you’re not yet familiar with the role of dermal fillers and injectables in facial rejuvenation, now is the time to learn! As you age, time takes its toll on the health and luster of your skin. Wrinkles, deep folds, and volume loss may start to plague you with each birthday that passes, making you feel older and more tired than you really are. Injectables make it possible to erase wrinkles and replenish lost volume in a single treatment, and the results last months or even years. This list of popular injectables will give you an idea of which might be the best for your own skin. Read More

11 Oct

America Celebrates the Life of Irwin Smigel, Cosmetic Dentistry Pioneer

smigelIt was only 50 years ago that dentists simply cleaned and maintained the teeth, but thanks to advances made by Irwin Smigel, cosmetic dentistry is now a cornerstone of the dental industry. Smigel, 92, passed away in October from complications of pneumonia, and now the country is remembering the pioneer that made cosmetic dentistry procedures available to the masses. Read More

20 Aug

Your Guide to Dermal Fillers

botox3Age causes many changes to the body, and some of them are not exactly desirable. Fillers, also known as injectables, have become incredibly popular tools to battle signs of aging in a subtle, safe, and effective way. Today’s technology allows fillers to tackle wrinkles, folds, and lost volume so effortlessly that you’ll practically be able to watch the years fall away from your skin.

If you’re just delving into the world of skin enhancement now, here are the three most important things you should know about fillers. Read More

10 Jul

Cosmetic Dentistry Industry Reaching New Heights

tooth whiteningCosmetic dentistry is experiencing a huge boom right night, not just in America but around the world. The cosmetic dentistry market is expected to surpass the $27 billion mark by 2024 as aesthetic dental procedures are becoming so popular. In fact, this huge demand for cosmetic dentistry has triggered a wave of technological advancements that are now paving the way for never-before-seen treatments and procedures. Read More

19 Jan

What Exactly is Cosmetic Dentistry?

dentalMost people connect the dentist to cavities and flossing, but the truth is that dentistry is as much about cosmetics as it is about prevention. A glowing white smile is a highly valued trait in our society, so dentists are now providing extensive cosmetic services to help you achieve that gorgeous set of pearls.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures encompass a number of services from subtle changes to major repairs.

Teeth Whitening

Soda, coffee, tea, smoking, and poor brushing can lead to dull, yellow teeth that you’re not too quick to flaunt. There are a host of teeth whitening procedures now available from your dentist that are far more effective and powerful than anything you can buy at the store. From laser treatments to specialized gels and light therapy, there are even whitening solutions that don’t cause any sensitivity at all! Now that’s a victory.


Sometimes teeth grow in wrong or are somehow chipped or ruined in an accident, and no amount of straightening or whitening will return them to normal. In this case, many people take advantage of veneers, especially now that technology is making veneers more versatile and user-friendly than ever.

Veneers are thin pieces of tooth-like material that are placed over the teeth for a perfect appearance. They last longer than bonding and are more affordable than crowns, making them the perfect cosmetic alternative for undesirable teeth.


For people missing a significant number of teeth, dental implants are a viable option to create an entirely new mouth. The implant process is longer and more complicated than other procedures, but the end result is a permanent new mouth with healthy, white teeth.

If you’re unhappy with your teeth, cosmetic dentistry gives you the power to choose your course of action for a mouth that makes you want to smile much, much more.


05 Jan

The Difference between Xeomin and Botox

botoxIn this day and age you have most likely heard all about Botox, or perhaps even tried it yourself. But are you familiar with Xeomin? These two injectable neuromodulators are slightly different, but similar enough to have users feeling a bit baffled. Both of them offer the same results, they just use a slightly different path to get there.

Botulinum Toxin A

Botox, made by Allergan, and Xeomin, by Merz, are both injections that temporarily freeze the muscles that cause wrinkles by altering the nerve impulses of those muscles. They both use Botulinum Toxin A, the toxin responsible for blocking nerve impulses of the targeted muscles. Read More