21 Jul

Clear Retainers: The Ideal Tooth Straightening Solution for Adults

34554861_sGetting braces as a child is one thing, but when it comes to straightening your teeth as an adult, the picture is often more complicated. People worry they won’t be taken seriously at work or will be embarrassed socially if they sport Tom Cruise-style ‘train tracks’.

Fortunately, thanks to recent advances in technology, some very affordable, less unsightly solutions for crooked teeth are now available to help adults achieve their ideal smile. Read More

07 Jul

Snap on a Smile! How to Transform Your Teeth with SnapOn

dental checkupIt’s a simple fact that a great smile can really boost your chances of success in life. As well as increasing confidence levels, it can also change people’s perceptions of you – if you don’t smile much, people may assume it’s because you’re not very friendly when really, you’re just self-conscious about your teeth.

Conversely, having discolored, uneven, missing or chipped teeth not only inhibits you socially and professionally, but can also age you considerably. Read More

02 Jun

It’s a Love/Hate Thing: Why Your Dentist Should Be Your Best Friend

dentistWhilst most people realize that their dentist is integral when it comes to enjoying healthy teeth, there are others who shudder at the mere mention of the words ‘dental surgeon’. There’s an alarming myth that dentists are always armed with a variety of terrifying equipment, hell-bent on submitting their patients to maximum levels of pain.

Thankfully, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Thanks to developments in dental surgery, treatments are now less painful than ever before. Read More

28 Apr

Ozone Therapy: A Valuable Addition to Your Dentist’s Toolbox

dental checkupSome of the equipment commonly found in a dentist’s collection of tools is down-right infamous. Such tools, like the drill, have become the subject of numerous jokes for those who love to belittle the horrid experience quite a few old-fashioned dental treatments have been known to cause. Thank goodness for innovation.

However, up-to-date dentists are using brand new, highly advanced therapies that are winning a lot of respect with patients, due to the troubles these treatments help both the dentists and their patients avoid. Ozone therapy is one such treatment. Although the word “ozone” is more prone to inspire thoughts of the Earth’s protective atmospheric layer than of oral health improvements, this cutting-edge oral therapy is used for treating and protecting teeth, gums, and other tissues in the mouth, not for separating atmospheres.  Read More