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Why are Bite Guards so beneficial? If you participate in contact or non-contact sports, suffer from Bruxism, TMJ, Headaches or Snoring then you are probably a candidate for a Bite Guard.

Protecting your teeth, prevention of clenching and grinding, help for migraine headaches or mild/moderate Sleep Apnea are just a few reasons why wearing a Bite Guard plays such an important role in your dental stability and health. With Dr. Obrochta/Dr. Lowry’s extensive education and experience in the science of Bite Guards, you will benefit greatly from wearing a customized appliance while you sleep or participating in your favorite sport.

Ozone or 03 is the purest form of oxygen that has the scent of fresh rain after a lightning storm. Ozone occurs when three oxygen molecules are bound and charged by electricity. It is used in our dental office to “push a heal” since it kills bacteria causing the infection. Ozone has been used to treat herpetic lesions and other sores in the mouth. When deep cavities are present, Dr. Obrochta/Dr. Lowry will use ozone after deep decay is removed, before sealing the tooth—to help prevent a possible root canal.


You don’t have to get “wired up” to have beautiful, straight teeth. Wearing a series of custom clear retainers which are digitally fabricated and worn over a period of 6-12 months; can achieve the smile you always dreamed about. Whether you are an adult or teenager Invisible Braces may be the answer to your crooked or misaligned teeth.

Dr. Obrochta/Dr. Lowry constantly say “Daily; prevent chemical (plaque) and physical stress (wear) on teeth to maintain them for a lifetime”….

We are passionate about being your personal trainer.

Non-surgical periodontal treatments are available for patients with mild to moderately severe forms of periodontal disease. The first phase of care is a thorough scaling to remove the calculus, or “tartar” below the gum-line. The roots may have to be smoothed by root planning so that the gums can heal well. Occasionally, an antibiotic and an antimicrobial mouth rinse may be prescribed. Next, you will be educated in how to clean your teeth at home properly to avoid damage caused by the re-depositing of plaque on your teeth. Home care must be performed daily, and your training will be customized on proper brushing, flossing and recommendations of using the water-pick.

After root planning and scaling treatment of each quadrant, our registered dental hygienist will determine whether any additional treatment is required. If you are ready to enter the maintenance phase of your treatment with periodic cleanings, they will be scheduled at an interval conducive to preventing any recurrence of this disease.


If you have been diagnosed with mild to moderate Sleep Apnea or keep your partner awake at night with chronic Snoring, then you may benefit from a custom oral appliance. These appliances are precision fit and adjusted to move your lower jaw forward, opening up your airway to improve breathing without obstruction, thus eliminating the vibrations that cause snoring.