07 Apr

Crucial Equipment: The Importance of Mouth Guards for Your Child

footballFor many parents and guardians, the cost of routine dentistry for their children is a big enough of a financial burden that it makes them not dare hesitate to protect their child’s teeth from injury, insisting that a mouth guard be worn at all times during risky sports activities. The number of sports-related dental traumas an active child may suffer from is quite large. These injuries can be extremely painful and expensive to treat, plus they may interfere with the child’s oral development. Mouth guards are important because they protect both the child who wears them, and the adult who is responsible for the care and development of that child.

When Are Mouth Guards Necessary? 

Not every sport requires the use of mouth guards, and there are also some non-sport occasions when it’s still a great time for a child to have on one of these highly effective, protective oral devices. Most of the popular sports, such as football, hockey, wrestling, and even basketball, all put players who don’t wear mouth guards at risk of serious dental injury. When playing any type of sport in which there is a potential for trauma to the head or mouth, it is best to play it safe and wear the guard.

Nevertheless, sports participation isn’t the only time a mouth guard should be worn. Instead, these protective accessories are useful whenever the teeth may be put at risk for damage, which includes protecting against teeth grinding during sleep, as some children, and even adults, are prone to do.

How Effective Are Mouth Guards?

There are three main reasons why any parent would skip getting a mouth guard for their child. For example, they may assume that they cannot afford to buy an oral guard for their child. Or, they may have had the experience where the child refused to wear such a protective piece. Finally, the parent or guardian may worry that the protection offered is insufficient, and so not worth bothering with.

If you consider the cost of fixing a knocked out tooth at the dentist office, paying the small price to buy a mouth guard and avoid the costly medical bills sounds highly appealing and most logical. However, it is important to make sure the mouth piece fits the child well, or it may prove uncomfortable enough for them to refuse to wear it. There’s not much point in wearing an ill-fitting mouth guard, however, as maximum protection can only be had when the piece fits exactly how it should.

Protecting Oral Health is Especially Vital for Children

Playing sports and being active is important for children, because that helps ensure they grow up healthy and strong, avoiding any other potential problems, such as obesity. However, protecting a child’s oral development is just as important, if not more, as their activity level. The type of mouth injuries that can occur on the sports field may have an adverse effect on the way their mouths develop, causing serious issues that can negatively impact their adult lives if not corrected.

Wearing a mouth guard should not be optional for children who play sports in which there is a chance of injury. The value and importance of this type of protective sports gear should not be underestimated.


Dr. Obrochta