Implant Restorations

Ever wish you had a magic wand to change your smile and make you look and function like you used to? Implants can do just that! Our modern technical advances allow us to transform your mouth to the stable and cosmetic function you once had. Implants are manufactured root forms, which are integrated into your jaw and restored to a perfect tooth! It takes a few insets to have the confidence to smile again—truly a fountain of youth!

4 Reasons To Get Implants

When it comes to dental procedures, we always encourage our clients to go with the absolute best. There are a few different ways to restore your smile, but dental implants are truly superior. Here’s why!

Reason 1:  Longevity

Implants last far longer than their main competitors —  bridges and dentures. Dental implants generally last for around 25 years before requiring any type of repair, while bridges last between 5-15 years. A set of dentures only makes it about 5-8 years before replacements are needed. That is why dental implants are the cheaper option in the long run, even though they have a bigger price tag upfront than bridges or dentures.

If you’re unsure about whether your insurance provider will cover the cost of a dental implant, give our office a call! We can help you iron out the details and make sure that you get your best smile at a price you can afford.

Reason 2:  Aesthetics

We all know that a strong jawline is part of a beautiful look and a strong profile. When teeth are “in action” (think chewing and talking), they provide stimulation to the jawbone that helps keep it strong. When this stimulation is lost due to a missing tooth, the jawbone begins to deteriorate, losing a quarter of its structure in as little as the first year after loss. This recession can lead to a weaker-looking jaw, which can greatly age the face.

Dental implants fuse a sterile titanium screw with the jawbone, providing the movement and resistance necessary to keep the jawbone healthy and strong.

Reason 3:  Confidence

Dentures can fall out at awkward moments. Unfortunately, they often come across as “unnatural-looking” both in real life and in photographs. Dental implants, on the other hand, look incredibly natural and stunning. Because they are fused to the jawbone, they are completely stable. Your implant won’t move or force you to deal with a gap in your smile every night.

The ability to look your best in every circumstance can truly keep you feeling confident.

Reason 4:  Cuisine

When you have a dental implant, you will be capable of eating all of your favorite foods. Dentures, however, have limitations when it comes to the texture and “crunch” of your food. This can be incredibly frustrating over the years, as you constantly have to monitor what you can and can’t eat.

Don’t limit your ability to enjoy life’s best dishes. Go with a dental implant instead!