20 Jun

Dentures or Implants? Weighing the Options

There are more options now than ever before for people with missing teeth. Most people with missing teeth have traditionally restored their smile with a partial or full denture, yet more and more people are opting for dental implants. What is the difference, and how do you choose?


Having dental implants is much more convenient than having dentures. With dental implants, you never have to worry about a change in fit that can occur over time, leaving your mouth uncomfortable or even in pain. Yet with dentures, you can simply take them out when they need to be cleaned instead of the more complex care routine for dental implants. Both have their points of convenience, although dental implants take longer to complete.


Dental implants cost quite a bit more than dentures. However, implants are forever. Dental implants rarely need to be changed out or removed. It is possible that the crown fitting over the implant might need to be replaced after about 10 to 15 years. But for the most part, the dental implants will not cost you much more money. Dentures, on the other hand, are cheaper, but they also need to be replaced every eight to ten years.

Natural Look

When it comes to a natural look, you really can’t go wrong with either dentures or dental implants. Both options give you a natural-looking smile. If the dentures are made correctly and with aesthetics in mind, most people won’t be able to tell you have dentures. The same is true of implants, although implants can allow for more natural speaking and annunciation.

If you are still debating between dentures and dental implants, contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to examine you and discuss your options.

Dr. Obrochta