20 Nov

Difference Between a Full Mouth of Dental Implants and a Hybrid Implant Denture

Dental implants sound like a great replacement for lost teeth, but the idea of having an entire mouth full of implants isn’t appealing to most people. On the other hand, young people who have lost their teeth due to certain conditions or health issues may not want to accept having a removable denture that can lead to embarrassing moments.

But there is a solution that lies between the two: a Hybrid Implant Denture.

What is a hybrid implant denture?

With a hybrid denture, you only receive a few implants to hold the denture in place. Often just four posts, two on top and two on bottom, can hold the denture in place. The denture is made to snap on over the implants so that they are as firm in your mouth as if they were your own teeth. The hybrid denture will stay in place until it is purposefully taken out.

Do I have to take out hybrid dentures to clean them?

No, you don’t have to take out hybrid dentures to clean them daily, although you will need to get regular maintenance cleanings from your dentist. The hybrid denture is meant to stay in place at all times, but you will need to get the tissues beneath taken care of as well. In addition, you may build up plaque and tartar that need to be removed from the denture with a more careful cleaning.

So how do I clean my hybrid denture?

You can clean your hybrid denture the same way you would care for your own teeth. Brush every day and floss in the crevices. Use therapeutic mouthwash to further flush away debris and bacteria so that your hybrid denture stays looking great between dental checkups. You’ll also want to limit coffee, soda, nicotine, and other substances that can stain your teeth, as they will also stain your dentures and require a special cleaning visit with your dentist.

If you aren’t sure if a hybrid denture is right for you, contact us today to schedule an initial exam and consultation to determine if you are a good candidate.

Dr. Obrochta