12 Nov

Fight Cavities Proactively with These Simple Tricks

dental checkupOral health is a vital key to overall wellbeing, and a major key to strong oral health is remaining proactive. You can’t wait until your mouth has an issue like a cavity to try and make smarter choices. Healthy decision making should occur every single day. If it does, you may not need to suffer the unpleasant pain and resulting dental appointments caused by cavities and tooth decay!

A cavity is a damaged area in a tooth’s hard surface. The damage eventually evolves into tiny holes that cause severe toothache, infection, and loss of the tooth if not taken care of promptly. Preventing cavities from developing is actually very simple! You just need to incorporate certain foods and drinks into your daily diet and make a few lifestyle adjustments that will benefit your oral wellbeing.

Eat Tooth-Friendly Foods

We all know fruits and vegetables are healthy and should be eaten each day, but did you know that the fiber in fruits and veggies actually stimulates your mouth to produce saliva that neutralizes acids to protect against cavities? Dairy products like cheese, milk, and plain yogurt (not the ones loaded with extra sugar!) tend to stick to teeth and act as a barrier from acid and cavities. Green and black teas can even kill plaque, reduce inflammation, and destroy damaging bacteria.

Quit Bad Habits

It’s common knowledge that smoking is an extremely dangerous and harmful habit for the lungs and heart, but it is significantly detrimental to oral health as well. If you’ve struggled with quitting for a long time, your dentist can offer some other solutions like hypnosis, prescription medicine, and acupuncture to support your quitting process.

With very little extra effort each day—in addition to regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash, of course—you can enjoy a healthy, cavity-free mouth.

Dr. Obrochta