Fotona: The New Dentistry Laser

Fotona has been making dental lasers for 50 years, and now they have come out with the newest technology with their LightWalker dental laser systems. We are proud to offer dental laser services with this new and exciting device. It has several advantages, including increased preciseness, little to no bleeding during procedures, and simultaneous disinfection. The laser can be used in many ways, but the services we offer are as follows.


Do you have sleep apnea or a snoring problem? If you answered yes, NightLase is the service for you. This procedure uses the Fotona laser to open the passageway by contracting collagen in the oral mucosa tissue. This procedure can eliminate or decrease the loudness of snoring, reduce the side effects of sleep apnea, and enhanced oxygen exchange.

Conservative Dentistry

The LightWalker laser can also be used for general conservative dentistry.  Soft tissue therapy can be completed with the Fotona laser, including cavity preparation, composite material removal, enamel erosion treatment, fissure sealing, and pulp capping. These procedures are much less invasive with the Fotona laser, allowing for less pain, faster healing, and minimal bleeding.  We have performed multiple times without any anesthetics.


Fotona also makes a laser that uses TwinLight technology, which makes use of the two best laser wavelengths in one simultaneous treatment. This improves the success rates of these treatments while lessening healing time. 

If you are ready to try the latest in general laser dentistry, contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.