05 Nov

Get a Perfect Smile with the Best Non-Invasive Procedure

smile teethIf you’re embarrassed by or self-conscious of your teeth, you know how difficult it is to engage in social situations on a daily basis. You might find yourself adjusting the way you speak and move your mouth to avoid exposing the condition of your teeth to others. You’re certainly not the only one who feels this way, which is why easy, non-invasive solutions have been created to give you a smile you want to flaunt.

What Is SnapOn Smile? An extremely easy, affordable, and painless substitute for permanent veneers or dental implants. These thin yet strong teeth replacements look completely natural and can be used while eating and drinking! SnapOn Smile uses hi-tech dental resin that fits directly over your real teeth. The snap on can cover missing or decayed teeth, gaps, chips, and unsightly stains. It just pops in your mouth and fits over your natural teeth seamlessly.

How Do I get SnapOns? Your new smile only takes two visits to your dentist’s office! No drilling, shots, or alterations to underlying tooth structure are involved. On your first visit your dentist will simply make an impression of your teeth. About three weeks later you will return for a fitting and leave with your new SnapOn Smile. It’s really that simple!

How Durable is My SnapOn Smile? The same products that can cause normal teeth stains can stain your SnapOn Smile, but your SnapOn comes with a cleaning kit to use like toothpaste to prevent permanent stains and damage. It can last as long as you want it to with proper care! Gum and sticky foods can cause complications, so just be careful about what you eat.

SnapOn Smile is the perfect solution for minor or major teeth imperfections. It can be used temporarily for special occasions and important career events, or permanently for everyday appearance enhancement. The SnapOn Smile can even be used as a transitional tool while preparing for permanent dental work. Talk to your dentist today to see how SnapOn Smile can truly change your life!



Dr. Obrochta