20 Jun

How to Stay Safe While Getting Your Dental Treatment

Safety is the number one concern of every American as the pandemic surges on. But some healthcare cannot be put off, nor can it all be done through telemedicine. Dentistry simply cannot be handled without being seen in person. If you have an urgent dental need, we are still here and open to serve you. But while you are here, consider taking these precautions to keep you and your household safe.

Sanitize on entering

A sanitizing station awaits you when you first walk into our practice. Please make use of it. You should also wash or sanitize your hands after touching surfaces that may have had saliva droplets. It is advised to sanitize again before touching anything inside your vehicle as you leave.

Wear a mask

We are not requiring that anyone wear a mask. But if you choose to wear one, there is evidence that it could help stop the spread of coronavirus. Wearing a mask is not a substitute for social distancing, but rather a backup precaution in case social distancing is impossible.

Maintain social distancing

Please remain six feet away from other patients. Try to limit your visit to yourself, unless you require someone’s assistance. If the patient is a child, it is best if only one parent accompanies them. Chairs in our waiting room will be spaced six feet apart to encourage social distancing.

If you are needing dental care, you don’t have to wait. Contact us today for an appointment.

Dr. Obrochta