10 Feb

How You Can Get a Crown in Just One Visit

In the past, cosmetic dentistry could be extremely expensive and time consuming. After all, the more time, effort, and materials your dentist has to use to correct your smile, the more a procedure will cost. For this reason, many people put off getting a crown when they need one, or they might try to opt for extraction instead of saving the tooth. However, with CEREC crowns you can get your crown in just one visit, making it more affordable and convenient.

The process for getting a CEREC crown is fairly straightforward. At your first ever appointment, you will have a dental exam and x-rays. At the beginning of your crown appointment, the tooth will be scraped and prepared to accept the crown. After this has been finished, a digital impression is taken of your tooth that will be covered with the crown.

From this digital impression, we are able to mill your crown in-house on the spot. While you wait in a comfortable waiting room, your crown will be milled and prepared. You will then be taken back to the dental exam room, where the crown will be put in place.

All of this can be accomplished in just one dental appointment. All you really have to do is take one day off from work to give yourself time to spend in the dental office, but it can be preferable to take one day off rather than taking time off across multiple days, as with other crown procedures.

It really is best to get a crown as soon as it is needed or as soon as possible after that. Having a broken or damaged tooth untreated can cause a host of problems. If you have been needing a crown and have been putting it off, contact us today to schedule your appointment for this incredible new technology.

Dr. Obrochta