LipLase St. Petersburg

Lost volume in the lips is a major concern for many aging adults.  We’re happy to address this common concern with LipLase. As an advanced laser treatment, LipLase can help you achieve greater fullness and definition in the lips without surgery. Learn more about LipLase and the benefits it can provide to patients below. 

How Does LipLase Work?

LipLase is a cutting-edge esthetic procedure involving the Fotona LightWalker ATS system. This advanced medical laser is administered intraorally to deliver Fotona’s patented QSP pulse technology to the lip area.

With incredible precision, the LightWalker laser wand transfers heat to the mucosa of your lips. This naturally triggers the skin’s healing process, in which collagen production increases. Collagen is a protein that’s found naturally in the skin, giving it elasticity and volume. As we age, our natural collagen levels drop; in the lips, this causes a lack of definition and volume. 

After LipLase treatment, you’ll immediately see an improvement to the fullness and definition of your lips. As your collagen stores increase, your lips will appear volumized and youthful. Results from LipLase treatment last for approximately four to six months. 

What to Expect from LipLase Treatment

Each LipLase treatment generally lasts for just 20 to 30 minutes. It’s a painless, non-surgical procedure, and no downtime is required. If side effects occur, they’re typically quite mild, generally involving swelling or warmth at the treatment area that subsides within a few days. 

At least three to four sessions of LipLase treatment are recommended for optimal results. Subsequent LipLase treatments help your lips maintain their fullness with continued collagen production. 

What Are the Benefits of LipLase?

LipLase offers several benefits for patients seeking a non-surgical alternative to lip implants:

  • No incisions or injections are involved in LipLase treatment. 
  • You’ll notice an improvement to the fullness of your lips immediately after treatment. 
  • LipLase provides natural results by causing your skin to produce its own collagen. 
  • No downtime is required after the treatment. 
  • Results from LipLase will improve after each treatment session. 

With LipLase, you no longer have to undergo surgery to achieve fuller, more youthful-looking lips. This cosmetic dentistry treatment gives the lips a defined, voluminous appearance naturally, without the need for injections or implants. Our skilled team has been trained to administer LipLase treatment for optimal results. Contact us today to learn more about LipLase treatment for your cosmetic goals.