10 Jan

It’s Never Too Early to Begin an Oral Care Routine

Believe it or not, oral care must begin long before your child even has teeth! Though dental habits are associate with teeth themselves, the truth is that you need to keep your child’s gums healthy and clean enough to support the growth of strong baby and adult teeth. Not sure how to begin and adapt to your child’s changing mouth? This guide will point you in the right direction.

Oral Care Starts With Those Baby Gums

Teeth form long before they start to show. They are actually fully developed in your baby’s jaw at birth! This means that you should focus on caring for your infant’s gums for the first six months by using a clean, warm washcloth to wipe bacteria off the gums a few times a day.

Once your baby’s first teeth pop in, it is best to use a soft infant toothbrush and water twice a day to brush away bacteria. By the time your child turns two, teach her how to spit after brushing so she doesn’t swallow all of the loosened pieces of plaque. Most dentists suggest introducing toothpaste around two years old as well.

Make the Dentist Your Friend

Plenty of adults have dental anxiety, but by working to make the dentist a positive experience for your young child, you will make dental care much easier. Help your child learn early on that the dentist is not a figure to be feared, but a helpful and gentle professional who will keep her teeth healthy.

Schedule that first dental visit around your baby’s first birthday and continue every six months. This early treatment will help your dentist become more familiar with your child’s oral health and recognize any potential problems early enough to treat them efficiently.

Just like you want to select the best toothbrush and most effective toothpaste, you also want to choose a dentist who you can trust to treat your baby with compassion and care. Call (727) 321-4464 to make an appointment at Obrochta Center for Dental Health in St. Petersburg, Florida. Dr. Obrochta and his team will always make your child’s dental health and wellness their priority!


Dr. Obrochta