20 Dec

Oral Hygiene Best Practices

You probably know that you are supposed to brush your teeth and floss every day, but do you know the right way to take care of your teeth? Many people think that they are protecting their teeth, when in reality they are not doing the job that they think they are. Here are some tips for oral hygiene best practices.


You should brush your teeth at least twice per day. You may want to brush an extra time if you eat foods that could cause cavities if left on the teeth. When brushing your teeth, you should make sure that the brush covers every surface of your teeth. Brush the front of your teeth, the chewing surfaces, and the back of your teeth. All in all, it should take at least two minutes for you to brush your teeth properly.


You only need to floss once per day, but are you aware of the right way to do it? You should take a piece of floss about 18 inches in length and wind it around your thumbs and middle fingers, leaving about a 1-inch piece exposed between your pointer fingers. You will then use your pointer fingers to control the floss, moving it back and forth between the teeth. Start at the gum line and pull the floss down between the teeth in a C motion. Make sure you get between all of your teeth.


Mouthwash can help prevent bad breath, rinse your mouth after brushing or flossing, and rinse away debris and bacteria between brushes. It is important that you choose the right type of mouthwash. Some mouthwashes are only meant to freshen the breath. You need to choose a mouthwash that is therapeutic, meaning that it has several benefits for the teeth. If you drink a lot of fluoridated water, do not get a fluoride mouthwash.

In addition to these daily habits, it is important that you get a routine dental cleaning and exam about twice a year. If you have questions about how to best protect your oral health, we offer nutritional counseling and oral hygiene instruction so that you can know you are doing the best for your teeth. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Obrochta