28 Apr

Ozone Therapy: A Valuable Addition to Your Dentist’s Toolbox

dental checkupSome of the equipment commonly found in a dentist’s collection of tools is down-right infamous. Such tools, like the drill, have become the subject of numerous jokes for those who love to belittle the horrid experience quite a few old-fashioned dental treatments have been known to cause. Thank goodness for innovation.

However, up-to-date dentists are using brand new, highly advanced therapies that are winning a lot of respect with patients, due to the troubles these treatments help both the dentists and their patients avoid. Ozone therapy is one such treatment. Although the word “ozone” is more prone to inspire thoughts of the Earth’s protective atmospheric layer than of oral health improvements, this cutting-edge oral therapy is used for treating and protecting teeth, gums, and other tissues in the mouth, not for separating atmospheres. 

For those who missed this science lesson in high school, ozone is a particle. It is a tri-atomic oxygen particle that has proven to have numerous significant health applications, including improving the cleanliness and overall wellness of your mouth.

What is an Ozone Therapy Dental Treatment?

In dentistry, ozone can be used in two forms; either liquid or gas. Germs are the root cause of many dental issues, such as decay and periodontal disease, but ozone particles prove highly effective at killing even the most hard-to-reach bacteria. During the treatment, the dentist will use either an ozone gas or ozonized water to flush bacteria-laden areas of the mouth, killing those problematic germs and treating or preventing their dastardly effects.

Due to the effectiveness of ozone in sanitizing the mouth, ozone therapy is often used as a step in other common dental treatments. For example, ozone treatment may be used as a method of sanitization when a dentist performs a root canal. However, one of the best things about ozone therapy is that it can be used to prevent having to undergo treatments that are more extensive than the therapy, like the root canal, for example.

Ways Ozone Treatments Benefit Oral Health

There are numerous benefits to enjoy from the use of ozone therapy in dentistry, thanks to the effectiveness of this particle in getting rid of germs in the mouth. This property makes ozone very useful in the treatment of periodontal disease, whether applied in liquid or gas form to underneath the gum line, the tissues of the gum, or to any of the supporting tissues.

Ozone therapy also applicable for stopping tooth decay by destroying the bacteria that causes it and leaving the teeth stronger than before. This property makes the treatment a way to avoid having to go through extensive dental repair and oral disease treatments by addressing the problem before it becomes more severe. As a result, ozone is being used increasingly to disinfect teeth that have cavities.

When Is This Therapy Your Best Option? 

Those who have cavities in their teeth, and those who must undergo a root canal, stand to benefit from the use of ozone therapy. In root canals, this treatment helps to reduce post-operative pain if used prior to filling the canal. With this treatment, there is no need to be concerned about allergic reactions, as there are no allergic responses to oxygen, which is just what ozone is.


Dr. Obrochta