St. Petersburg Perio Protect

We are pleased to begin offering prescription PerioProtect to help our patients fight gum disease. Gum disease is preventable and treatable, but many of the treatments for gum disease involve invasive measures such as scaling or surgery. Although routine dental care such as brushing, flossing, and mouthwashes are important, they often do not get below the gum line where gum disease thrives.

Now, there is a noninvasive solution that you can apply in your own home. PerioProtect is a unique gum disease treatment. An impression is taken of your mouth which is then used to form trays that fit like a dental guard. The trays are given to you along with the prescription medication that fights gum disease. You must have impressions of your mouth and a prescription from your dentist to use PerioProtect.

Once you receive your trays, Dr. Obrochta/Dr. Lowry will instruct you on how to apply the medication to the trays and place them in your mouth. The customized trays hold the medication where it needs to be so that it can be absorbed below the gum line. You will wear the trays for short periods of time each day. 

This is one of the most effective noninvasive treatments for gum disease. It is also the only FDA approved treatment of its kind. If you are interested in trying this noninvasive treatment for gum disease, or if you want more information, contact us today for an appointment for an exam and consultation.