15 Jul

How to Receive Great Oral Care When You Struggle from Dental Anxiety

Visiting the dentist twice each year is an essential component to overall oral health, but for many people with dental anxiety, the mere idea of a visit to the dentist is enough to set the heart racing. If you struggle with dental anxiety that makes it difficult or impossible to approach the dentist office, it’s essential to find a dentist like Dr. Obrochta at Obrochta Center for Dental Health, who specializes in techniques that can overcome dental anxiety and put you at ease.

What is Dental Anxiety?

As many as 20 percent of adults in America suffer from dental anxiety. This condition develops when somebody feels terrified and panic-stricken at the thought of a dentist getting to work in the mouth. The sights, smells, and sounds of a dentist office can all contribute to anxiety. Unfortunately, people with dental anxiety usually avoid going to the dentist as a result of their phobia. It’s possible that you have dental anxiety yourself if you only make appointments in extreme situations, have trouble sleeping the night before an exam, have uncontrolled feelings of nervousness when you arrive, or even become emotional or ill at the thought of visiting the dentist.  

Techniques Used to Overcome Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a major obstacle to receiving the dental care that you need, but visiting a compassionate and knowledgeable dentist like Dr. Obrochta is the best way to ensure your phobia does not stand in your way of maintaining your oral health. From the second you arrive at Obrochta Center for Dental Health, you’ll be treated to a cup of tea, a massage chair, a neck pillow, calming views, headphones, a blanket, and anything else that can help you enjoy your experience.

Dr. Obrochta specializes in dental anesthetic techniques that will make your treatment completely painless. You can work with him to determine if nitrous sedation or another form of anesthetic is best to help you receive the treatment you need without experiencing gut-wrenching fear. Call (727) 321-4464 today to learn more!   

Dr. Obrochta