20 Dec

The Benefits of Regular Dental Cleanings

The Benefits of Regular Dental Cleanings

Although you may have impeccable personal hygiene practices,  the benefits of a professional dental cleaning can not be overstated. Plaque build-up is difficult to handle alone and even more challenging when it advances to tartar—A more permanent plaque progression. Plaque compromises your oral well-being and requires professional treatment. 

As cliche as it sounds, “prevention is better than cure.” So, regular dental cleanings are as beneficial as the food you eat and the air you breathe. It not only helps your oral health but also benefits your social life by improving your smile and self-confidence.


Regular dental cleaning takes care of bad breath.

Bad breath can constitute a  serious embarrassment and possibly ruin your self-confidence. Although personal oral hygiene habits can help eliminate bad breath, regular dental cleaning ensures you never have to experience it. 

Persistent bad breath can be a sign of periodontal disease, making it even more important to check in with the dentist at least once or twice a year if you commonly experience unpleasant breath. 

Prevents tooth decay

We currently live in a sweet-toothed society– While it is not a crime to treat yourself to some sweets, candy, and soda, it is advisable to schedule regular dental cleanings as well!

Essentially, plaque build-up can cause bacteria to eat into your enamel, resulting in cavities. So while you brush and floss daily, it’s important to get into the dentist regularly to keep the cavities away.

It gives you an aesthetically appealing dentition.

Occasionally,  your teeth can get stained by food and drinks, which daily cleaning cannot remove. Over time, these stains can become permanent, causing chronic dental discoloration. 

Regular dental cleaning enables your dentist to professionally remove those built-up stains for shiner teeth. This way, you can confidently flash your smile around and lead a more confident life!

Dr. Obrochta