20 Mar

The Perks of Non-Metal Crowns and Bridges

dental implantsIf you have severely broken and decaying teeth, you will need crowns and bridges to keep your mouth in-tact. Metal crowns and bridges used to be the automatic choice for such procedures, but today dentists are moving away from the use of metal and using genuine porcelain instead.

The Move Away From Metal

Cosmetic dentistry was hardly an industry at all until the last few decades, and shows like Extreme Makeover have helped people across the nation realize the miraculous potential for cosmetic dentistry to transform a person’s appearance. As more and more attention is placed on attractive cosmetic dentistry options, dentists are beginning to use ceramic bridges and crowns instead of the metal that used to be so common.

This change is bringing about a flurry of benefits to dental patients. Metal crows and bridges are very obvious in the mouth and can be instantly recognized by thin gray lines. Metal options also can’t transmit light, so the impacted tooth ends up looking very dull. In addition, many dental patients experience tissue sensitivity with metal crowns and bridges since the base metal can cause allergic reactions, irritation, and even gingival recession. If those reasons aren’t enough to ditch metal entirely, metal crowns are also weaker than ceramic and far more likely to crack.

The Benefits of Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

First and foremost, ceramic crowns and bridges are nearly unidentifiable in the mouth, allowing dentists to repair injured teeth without the work becoming obvious to others. Pure ceramic crowns and bridges made entirely of porcelain are efficient, long-lasting, and much stronger than other materials. Without the metal, crowns can take the natural tooth’s shape and appearance without causing future sensitivity and pain.

Overall, non-metal crowns and bridges are not only attractive but fully functional. If you need crowns and bridges done on your teeth, make sure that your dentist only uses full ceramic options to give you the best results possible.

Dr. Obrochta