18 Aug

The Reasons It’s Great to Have a Hollywood Smile

dentalWe’ve all probably looked in the mirror at one time or another and thought, ‘How did I get so old?’ or ‘I wish I had more confidence to smile when I’m with company.’ While it’s a common  feeling, that doesn’t mean we have to accept it – there are steps that you can take to give yourself the look you’ve always wanted.

One of the most effective ways of making yourself look instantly younger and give yourself more confidence is to get your teeth whitened and straightened.

A Nice Smile = More Success 

In today’s modern, highly competitive environment, the pressure to stay healthy and look younger for longer can be intense. Research has shown that people with classic, Hollywood style smiles do have an edge over their less tooth-perfect counterparts, both professionally and romantically.

In the boardroom, people tend to automatically trust someone who smiles with confidence, and the same rules seem to apply when it comes to love too, with most people stating that they value a white, even smile when it comes to seeking a partner.

Straighter teeth are also healthier

As well as social reasons, there are also a number of health-related reasons to have a Hollywood smile. Studies have revealed a link between gum disease and serious health conditions that may have arisen due to inflammatory responses in the body.

Of course, more even teeth are easier to clean and floss, and are less likely to get food stuck in them – another reason to consider straightening your teeth. Aside from the obvious psychological effects, missing teeth can also cause chewing problems and damage existing teeth.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, getting a smile makeover has never been so easy or so affordable.

Changing Your Smile Today

The Obrochta Center For Dental Health offers a range of options designed to help patients achieve a Hollywood smile, no matter what their problem or budget. Call 727-321-4464 to book your consultation today.

Dr. Obrochta