10 Jan

The Snap-On Smile: Advantages and Benefits

The Snap-On Smile is a revolutionary and cost effective dental appliance that can completely change your appearance and give you a big confidence boost. We understand that not everyone can afford the dental work that they need. Sometimes broken, missing, or crooked teeth need treatment, but that treatment is not a priority for financial or other reasons.

When you have issues with the appearance of your teeth, it can cause you to become embarrassed in social situations. You may avoid the camera because you don’t want your smile in the pictures. You may even avoid going to events at all because of the way your teeth look. 

Enter the Snap-On Smile. This dental appliance is a thin strip that snaps on over your existing teeth. It can be fitted to your mouth and custom made in just two appointments. While the Snap-On smile doesn’t correct the problems with your teeth, it can make living with your dental issues more tolerable while you are saving the money and time to get the appropriate treatment.

The Snap-On Smile is great for:

  • Weddings
  • School reunions
  • Job interviews and job fairs
  • Everyday wear at work
  • Social engagements
  • Dating

Anytime you want to make a good first impression, the Snap-On smile can give you the confidence that you need. Self-confidence is important, but so is your appearance and the ability to make others have confidence in you, as well. All of these things are accomplished with the Snap-On Smile.

The process for getting your Snap-On Smile is easy. At your first appointment, we will take measurements and dental x-rays. Your mouth will be fitted for the Snap-On Smile so that when it is completed you will be able to use it right away. Your artificial smile will be created in a lab, and you will pick it up and get it fitted at your second appointment. 

If you are interested in seeing what the Snap-On Smile can do for you, contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Obrochta