04 Aug

The Top Five Foods that Stain Your Teeth and Add Years to Your Appearance

coffeeDentists frequently hear patients complain: ‘How on earth did my teeth get so stained? I brush them every day!’ The truth is that although you may have excellent oral hygiene, there are certain lifestyle factors that can exacerbate tooth staining.

In addition to the aging process, the most common cause of dental staining actually comes from our diet. Certain foods and drinks contain high amounts of color pigments called chromogens that stick to dental enamel. Combined with factors like acid content, these have the potential to stain your teeth quite dramatically, if consumed on a regular basis.

The Top Five Tooth Staining Foods That Could Be Adding Years to Your Appearance:

1) Red wine. This is one of the worst causes of dental staining. Your favorite cabernet or merlot is not only pleasant to drink, but contains both chromogens and tannins, which gives tea its color. Combined with a high acid content, this can really stain teeth.

2) Tea and Coffee. Our favorite hot beverages may be aging us, thanks to their high chromogen (coffee) and tannin (tea) contents, with tea coming out as the worst of the two culprits.

3) Cola and carbonated drinks. Much like red wine, these contain both colorants and acid, so can really make tooth enamel porous and vulnerable to staining.

4) Red fruits & fruit juices. From blackcurrants to grapes, intensely colored fruit, whether in whole or juiced form, may be healthy but it also contains sugars, chromogens and a certain amount of acid, all of which can lead to staining and feed the bacteria that cause dental decay.

5) Sauces. These can contain artificial colorants, which may inadvertently be dulling your smile.

Addressing the Problem

Whitening is an excellent way to remove staining, discoloration or tooth yellowing. Professional systems such as Advanced Zoom!  instantly remove the stains caused by these food culprits and can lighten teeth by up to ten shades, giving your smile an instant lift in just one appointment!

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Dr. Obrochta