20 Jul

Three Dental Problems That Should Be Addressed Immediately

If you or a family member are immunocompromised or otherwise at risk of complications from COVID-19, you are probably trying to stay home as much as possible. While this is generally a good idea, there are some things that just can’t be put off. Although minor dental problems may be able to wait a few days or a week, there are a few dental emergencies in which you should contact a dentist right away.

Trauma to the Tooth

If you fell or otherwise had trauma to the face, it could knock a tooth loose or free, or it could break the tooth. If any of these three things happen, you need to see a dentist right away. Call your dentist immediately, and they will be able to give you instructions on preserving the tooth until you arrive at their office. 

If you get treatment quickly enough, loose or knocked out teeth can be returned to the mouth and healed. But if you hesitate, you could lose that tooth permanently. Broken teeth should be treated right away because they can pose a hazard while chewing, but you should definitely see a dentist immediately if the break goes below the gum line.

Serious Infection

Another reason you need to see the dentist right away is if you have an infection in your mouth. Often when you have a cavity, there is also a bacterial infection dwelling in your mouth, which can cause problems with your general health as well. If you have an infection that causes your jaw or face to swell and become very painful, you have a serious infection and should visit a dentist or urgent care right away.

If you ever have questions about whether your dental visit can be put off, contact us for assistance and future scheduling.

Dr. Obrochta