10 May

Treating Your Face? Give Attention to Your Neck, Too

Most people associate signs of aging with wrinkles and lost volume on the face, but don’t forget that your neck and chest are vulnerable as well! In fact, they are even more vulnerable since you are less likely to apply sunscreen to your neck and chest with the same diligence that you afford your face.

If you have ever considered using dermal fillers or neuromodulators to reduce the signs of aging on your face, you can take that treatment a step further and apply it to your neck as well. Dermal fillers like Belotero and neuromodulators like Botox can effectively reverse wrinkles and other signs of aging to help you look and feel your best.

Dermal Fillers for Neck Wrinkles

The neck is especially susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles because it does so much twisting and turning on a daily basis. That movement, combined with dryness caused by a lack of oil glands on the neck, usually results in signs of premature aging and “crepey” skin that looks lined and saggy.

Dermal fillers can now be applied to the neck to stop this damage! Belotero is a popular dermal filler that is FDA-approved for use on the neck. With a unique hyaluronic acid composition, Belotero is thin and gentle enough to fill even the finest neck wrinkles for a completely natural-looking result. Even better, clinical studies show that Belotero results can last up to a year.

Botox For Platysmal Bands

Platysmal bands are two strips of muscles that run from the base of the neck up to the left and right sides of the jaw. Aging can cause these muscles to become enlarged and lose elasticity, leading them to become more prominent and visible. Botox is an excellent solution for this problem because it can relax the platysmal band muscles to soften their appearance. While the neck may need more Botox than the face, the results can last longer since the neck muscles aren’t used as frequently as the facial muscles.

Thanks to these advanced and non-surgical treatments, your neck can continue to look 30 years old, even when you’re far beyond that age! Call (727) 321-4464 to make your facial rejuvenation appointment at Obrochta Center For Dental Health in St. Petersburg, Florida. Dr. Obrochta is a specialist in the art and science of cosmetic enhancements, so he will help you achieve the look you desire.

Dr. Obrochta