20 Apr

Weighing the Cost: Dental Appointments or the Alternative?

Dental appointments can be daunting when you consider the financial implications – especially if you don’t have dental insurance. The bills can pile up even more when you need expensive dental work to fix budding cavities or get teeth pulled. Many people put off a trip to the dentist because of the cost. But there are some very good reasons not to put off that appointment. In short, ignoring your dental needs now could lead to even more expensive procedures in the future.

Dental Exams and Cleanings

Dental exams and cleanings are actually relatively inexpensive, and they can save you a lot of money in the long run. These routine dental exams often turn up issues with your teeth you may have overlooked. Early detection means early treatment, which usually results in cheaper treatment. Having a routine cleaning can also greatly boost the health of your mouth, which can result in less dental work overall.

Implants and Appliances

If you ignore your dental needs due to finances, you could pay for it dearly later. If your teeth become too decayed to save, you may find yourself being faced with the option of dental implants or dentures. Either process can be very expensive – much more expensive than a simple filling or single tooth extraction. It is more cost effective to take care of your teeth and see your dentist on a routine basis than put it off and be faced with this expense in the future.

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Dr. Obrochta