19 Jan

What Exactly is Cosmetic Dentistry?

dentalMost people connect the dentist to cavities and flossing, but the truth is that dentistry is as much about cosmetics as it is about prevention. A glowing white smile is a highly valued trait in our society, so dentists are now providing extensive cosmetic services to help you achieve that gorgeous set of pearls.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures encompass a number of services from subtle changes to major repairs.

Teeth Whitening

Soda, coffee, tea, smoking, and poor brushing can lead to dull, yellow teeth that you’re not too quick to flaunt. There are a host of teeth whitening procedures now available from your dentist that are far more effective and powerful than anything you can buy at the store. From laser treatments to specialized gels and light therapy, there are even whitening solutions that don’t cause any sensitivity at all! Now that’s a victory.


Sometimes teeth grow in wrong or are somehow chipped or ruined in an accident, and no amount of straightening or whitening will return them to normal. In this case, many people take advantage of veneers, especially now that technology is making veneers more versatile and user-friendly than ever.

Veneers are thin pieces of tooth-like material that are placed over the teeth for a perfect appearance. They last longer than bonding and are more affordable than crowns, making them the perfect cosmetic alternative for undesirable teeth.


For people missing a significant number of teeth, dental implants are a viable option to create an entirely new mouth. The implant process is longer and more complicated than other procedures, but the end result is a permanent new mouth with healthy, white teeth.

If you’re unhappy with your teeth, cosmetic dentistry gives you the power to choose your course of action for a mouth that makes you want to smile much, much more.


Dr. Obrochta