15 Jul

What Is StemSave, and How Does It Benefit You?

Stem cells have been found to assist in healing, combating chronic illness, regenerating tissues and joints, and much, much more. Healthcare providers are very excited about the research coming out of universities and hospitals as more is learned about stem cells and how they can be effectively and ethically used.

One of the ways that researchers and doctors have eliminated the question of ethics is by treating patients with their own stem cells. Stem cells can be collected from both children and adults from bone marrow, fat cells, and other tissues. One of the places that your body stores stem cells is in the teeth. That is where StemSave comes into the picture.

What Is StemSave?

StemSave is a unique program that allows you to turn your teeth and your family’s teeth into stem cells that can be stored for future use. Stem cells can be extracted from deciduous or baby teeth, wisdom teeth that many people have removed as young adults, and permanent teeth that have healthy dental pulp but were lost for some other reason. The stem cells are collected from the teeth and cryopreserved until you need them.

Preparing for the Future

More treatments for more conditions are being discovered every year, and stem cells are playing a very large role in research and clinical trials. Each year more and more uses for stem cells will be discovered. If you can prepare for the future by cryopreserving stem cells now, why wouldn’t you? It is a great way to be prepared in case of future injury or illness.

If you are interested in StemSave for you and your family, we can help. Our staff can give you all of the necessary information and help you preserve stem cells from your own teeth. Contact us today for an appointment or to get more information.

Dr. Obrochta