20 Jan

What to Do If a Crown Becomes Loose or Falls Out

Most people don’t know what to do if their crown becomes loose or falls out. This happens more often than you might think. It can be pretty shocking as it usually happens spontaneously while eating. If you start feeling a problem with your crown, it’s important to see dental care as soon as possible to decrease the likelihood of expensive crown repairs or a new tooth restoration.

Contact your dentist as soon as your crown becomes loose.

If your crown comes away from your tooth and loosens, it’s likely to cause some significant discomfort. In addition, when a crown is loose, bacteria in your spit is getting under it and can cause a cavity. That crown protects your tooth from bacteria and prevents sensitivity when sealed. Seeing a dentist before it falls out completely can save you money and discomfort.

Call for a same-day dental appointment if you lose your crown.

If your crown falls out, try to capture it, rinse it, and put it in a plastic bag or small container and bring it to your dental appointment. It is best to get a same day dental appointment, if possible, because your tooth may cause discomfort and is vulnerable to infection. You could have sensitivity eating or drinking, especially if the items are very cold or very hot. 

What to do until you get to the dentist?

Protect your tooth as much as you can until you are able to get to the dentist. The tooth will be exposed and the loss of the crown can be very uncomfortable. Brush the exposed tooth gently with normal toothpaste. Eat softer and more neutral temperature foods.  If you aren’t able to get into the dentist the same day you lose your crown, get some dental cement from your local drug store to protect the tooth until you can be seen.

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