20 Feb

What You Need to Know about Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants to have a perfect, white smile, but not everyone has the ability to maintain that smile. If you are a coffee drinker, tea drinker, soda drinker, eater of sweets, or smoker, chances are your teeth are pretty stained. There are some home teeth whitening treatments available, but these come with their own pitfalls and downsides. Here’s what you need to know about teeth whitening.

The Problem with Home Whitening

Home whitening kits are readily available from drug stores, cosmetic shops, and even some grocery stores. You can also buy them online. There is one big problem with using whitening strips or trays that you can buy over the counter. They just aren’t strong enough.

If you don’t have far to go to get your teeth white, a home whitening kit might just work. But if you have very stained teeth or if you have never had your teeth whitened in the past, a home kit just isn’t going to be strong enough to eradicate all of the stains.

The other problem with home whitening kits is that they rely on the user to use them appropriately. Some people want a faster whitening experience, or they want very white teeth. These people will leave the whitening solution on for too long or apply too much. This can actually be very bad for your teeth.

Teeth Whitening at the Dentist

Teeth whitening at the dentist is an entirely different story. The dentist is able to supervise the process, which means that they can use more potent bleaching agents. They can also give you very specific instructions so that you don’t damage your teeth while you are whitening them. Often, no matter how stained your teeth are, you can walk out of your dentist’s office with whiter teeth in just one visit.

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Dr. Obrochta