14 Apr

What You Should Know about Dentures

denturesA common method for replacing missing teeth in this day and age is through the use of dentures. Bridges are more of a permanent option since they are attached to the teeth. Dentures provide a good alternative for replacing missing teeth and they can be removed, therefore giving the user absolute power and control of their smile.

Most people lose their teeth due to tooth decay, injury, trauma or gum disease. Whatever the reason for loosing ones teeth, it should not be a permanent condemnation to living a life of despair. Replacing missing teeth gives one an elevated sense of self-esteem and restores a healthy smile. 

Proper care of dentures will give them a longer lifespan. Keep reading to know more about what you need to do to take good care of your dentures.

Brush them every day

You should always brush your dentures on a daily basis. Doing this will help to remove food particles, bacteria and stains. To brush them you can use a special denture brush or a regular toothbrush. Denture brushes are bigger than regular toothbrushes. Usually, dentures are softer as compared to normal teeth and for this reason, one should always be careful when brushing them. Only a soft brush should be used to clean them. One is also advised to give them a rinse before washing them. The brushing should be done using a special cleaner since regular toothpaste contains chemicals that may damage the material used to make the dentures.

Keep them moist at all times

If your dentures are exposed to dry conditions, the acrylic used to make them will wrap. The wrapping will affect its otherwise perfect fit and once worn they will be uncomfortable and in some cases may even end up being useless. One therefore needs to keep dentures moist. You can do this by soaking them in a solution of water and cleansers that you use over the counter. Good examples of such cleansers include Efferdent and Polident. Soaking them in such a solution will help keep them moist when they are not in use. To be safe, you should always opt for professional products if you are not very sure what the best product is. Whatever you do, always remember to rinse out your dentures before storage and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the tee.

Handle with care 

Dentures are naturally very delicate so always make sure that you use something like a soft cloth and towel when cleaning them. Do not drop them under any circumstance because the plastic material or porcelain can break or change shape if they do. In line with handling with care, use dentures for their intended purpose only. If you do this you will be able to use them for a long time.

Don’t expose dentures to sub-standard repair jobs

Repairs attempted by yourself or an untrained person may permanently damage your dentures. Do not attempt to adjust the metal clasps on your dentures as you could break them or change the way they fit into your gum. If you need your dentures to be repaired, always visit a professional denturist to help you with that.

Visit the dentist often for checkups

Dentures by their very nature are foreign objects as they are not primary parts of your body. For this reason, visit your dentist often for checkups. A denturist will check for any changes in the soft tissue in your mouth, check if there is any type of swelling or abnormality and clean your dentures professionally and give you valuable advice on how to look after your dentures.

Dr. Obrochta