25 Nov

What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health

What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health

There’s a reason why your doctor asks you to stick out your tongue when you complain of not feeling well. Essentially your tongue gives valid information about your health and can be a reliable point when something goes wrong. 

If there are discolorations, bumps, or a general inconsistency with your tongue, it might be time to do a full-body check-up.

This blog post will highlight certain vital information your tongue could be giving you about your health. Let’s get started!


When your tongue has white patches

White patches on your tongue could be a sign of oral thrush caused by a fungal infection. Essentially, it comes up when your internal system has been thrown off balance by the depletion of your normal flora. Also, excessive use of antibiotics can predispose you to fungal infection–Thrush!

Additionally, if the white patches seem permanent and wouldn’t scrape off, it could be a pointer to leukoplakia, associated with a form of cancer.


When your tongue is black

Usually, a reaction to drugs like bismuth-containing antacids can cause your tongue to be black. The black coloration should fade away when you discontinue the drug. However, if you have a persisting black tongue that feels hairy, that could be a grave situation. 

When your tongue looks red

A normal tongue is supposed to be light pink. But when your tongue is bright red or strawberry-like and painful, that could be a sign of vitamin B3 deficiency. Also, in children, reddish tongues are symptomatic of Kawasaki, a rare disease characterized by the inflammation of the blood vessels.

When your tongue burns

A burning sensation in the tongue is a sign of tongue sensitivity caused by problems with the nerves in your tongue. Essentially you may be developing the burning mouth syndrome. Also, other health problems like acid reflux, diabetes, and infections could lead to a burning tongue. 

In addition, some people may feel uncomfortable eating acidic foods like pineapples, and other products like mouth wash or toothpaste might be unbearable for them.


If you are concerned about the appearance of your tongue, it would help to report all tongue inconsistencies to your dentist for analysis. This way, you gain access to early treatment and regain overall oral health!