21 Apr

Why Dental Implants are the Better Choice

dental implantsAmong the dental problems that older adults are faced with, is missing teeth. This can be a source of embarrassment and could even lead to difficulty in eating, smiling and speaking. Fortunately, a permanent solution to the problem of tooth loss is available in the form of dental implants. Especially for people who miss several teeth, dental implants can be the best choice. There are many fantastic reasons why dental implants are the most preferred choice for people who want to deal with lost teeth.

Dental implants are comfortable

Dental implants are much better in terms of comfort when compared to dentures. After being fitted by a certified dental professional, dentures remain in the mouth permanently. Also, there is no need for using messy adhesives to hold them to place. The implants don’t slide while talking or eating. As the jawbones degrade, dentures will lose their fit and will need to be relined by a dentist after every few years. This isn’t the case when dental implants are used. The dental implants will become a permanent part of you therefore it will do away with the discomfort that comes with removing them always.

They look attractive

Dental implants can be made so as to look just like your natural teeth thanks to modern technological advancement. The materials that are used to design the implants have exact colors as your teeth which help to make them blend right into your mouth. On the other hand, dentures can get scratched especially when they come into contact with an abrasive cleaner. Also, there is the pink portion of the denture which can be bleached therefore changing its color to white. The shape and health of your jawbone can be maintained by dental implants. This also helps to provide the right kind of contours while also shaping your face.

Low maintenance requirements

Dental implants resemble the rest of your teeth and so you don’t have to stop using your normal floss, favorite mouthwash and toothpaste. With dentures and related dental applications, you will have to undergo the routine of taking it off and cleaning with a special cleaner every night. Also, implants don’t need to be soaked regularly. Provided that you take good care of implants and the rest of your teeth, you won’t have to worry about cavities and infections to the rest of your teeth.

They last a lifetime

With proper care, you can expect dental implants to last for up to two decades. Conversely, close options such as dentures will need to be realigned or tuned after every five to seven years because of tear and wear as well as due to the changing configuration of your jawbone.

While there are several solutions for lost teeth, dental implants are the superior of them all. Your appearance, speech, comfort and self-esteem can improve drastically if your get dental implants fitted by an expert. What’s more appealing is the fact that the success rate of dental implants is as high as 98%, but this depends on how it’s placed, the skill and experience of the dentistry professional.

Dr. Obrochta