10 Sep

Would You Rather a Full Mouth of Dental Implants or Dentures? Why Not Both?

Are you missing so many of your teeth that you are better off without them? There are several medical conditions that can lead your teeth to decay and the need to be removed. In addition, lifestyle can also play a large role. Those who do not get regular dental treatments are at more risk of decay.  Having multiple missing teeth is an unfortunate situation to be in. Today you have two choices to replace your teeth entirely — traditional dentures, dental implants, or both.

Both? Really?

Yep. It’s Called a Hybrid Denture. Here’s how it works.

Hybrid dentures were developed as an affordable answer to replace a whole arch of teeth. They serve to solve several problems that most people have with dentures.

When you get hybrid dentures, a model of your mouth will be created just as when you get traditional dentures. In fact, the dentures will look pretty much the same as what you are used to. 

Before the dentures are made and ready for your mouth, all of your teeth will be removed, and you will get four or more dental implant posts put in place as a seat for the denture. Then, when you are ready, the denture just locks in place over the implants.

Why choose hybrid dentures?

The biggest advantage of hybrid dentures is that they fit snuggly and do not budge at all, with no adhesive necessary. This makes them more comfortable to wear and prevents food particles from getting underneath the denture plate. 

Anyone who has worn traditional dentures in the past knows that those tiny pieces can feel like boulders. Not only that, such incidents in public restaurants can be rare, but very embarrassing when they do occur. Dentures also require the use of messy denture adhesives to aid in prevention of movement.

Are you ready to see if you are a candidate for hybrid dentures? Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

Dr. Obrochta